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 Rate that DOA character (Leifang)

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PostSubject: Re: Rate that DOA character (Leifang)   Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:25 am

What's wrong with you guys with Lei-Fang? LOL!


Appearance: Cute! Plus I always love her C2 outfit. She has cool outfits. Her DOA5 face is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than her DOA4 face.

Moveset: I personally love it. She has great parries, reversals and multi-throws plus her wall grab is awesome. She does good damage. Lei-Fang is a technical character. You have to be pacient using her.

Story: It's always about you trying to beat Jann-Lee. You hooking up with Hitomi is the worst thing.

Personality: Cheerful and confident in her abilities. She has the brains, she's so smart.

X-Factor: I personally love Lei-Fang, I always loved her, she's fun to use and she's my 2nd main in DOA. Haters gonna hate on her.

Final Score: 9/10

If only her story was better.

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Rate that DOA character (Leifang)
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